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From Duncan

Time to Stare

The poet William H. Davies, writing in that soon-to-be-lost world just before the beginning of World War I, enquired:

What is life, if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare?

Writing in The Sunday Times a decade ago, A.N. Wilson observed, “These days children are not allowed to be bored. The hours and hours, followed by further hours, which older people spent in their infancy bouncing a ball, or watching the ascent or descent of a yo-yo, or even, when desperation seized them, reading a book, are probably unknown to the under-14s of today.”

Modern parents, by contrast, spend their time endlessly stimulating children, filling every hour of their days and getting them into the state an old-fashioned nanny would call ‘over-excited’ ... and yet I believe that learning to cope with boredom is a vital part of preparing for adult life.

You may think that a vicar writing in praise of boredom is rather like politician praising taxes - that there is just the tiniest bit of self-interest in doing it! After all, isn’t the Church rather expert in providing boredom? Yet spiritual life (always of interest to a vicar) is often better served by stillness rather than busy-ness, by quietness rather than activity, by focus rather than distraction.

It is through stillness, rather than through constant activity, that we develop our inner lives. Stories, poetry, prayer and mathematics, all activities which have stretched the human race ... evolved out of our capacity to live with boredom and quietness.

Ash Wednesday, on the 14th February, is a day which marks the start of the Christian season of Lent. Apart from light-hearted references to giving-up something (chocolate, smoking, alcohol is commonly mentioned) Lent is actually intended as a season of spiritual renewal. It’s a time for stopping all the busy-ness, stepping back and gaining a sense of perspective.

If you have had cause in recently to regret that there seems to be “no time to stand and stare” then why not consider using Lent to put back some “blue skies” into your diary.

Our Church will offer fresh opportunities for quiet fellowship and spiritual renewal during this time. If you are normally busy most of the time, with simply not enough to waste popping into church, then can I suggest this Lent that you’re too busy not to pray.

Yours, Duncan

Duncan Ballard

Ashbourne Group of parishes

Area Dean of Carsington

Diocese of Derby

01335 343825  duncan.ballard@me.com


Lent in Ashbourne

The season of Lent begins on the 14th February with Ash Wednesday. The day before, 13th February, is known as Shrove Tuesday – celebrated in some countries by consuming pancakes and in others, where it is known as Mardi Gras, this is a Carnival Day and also the last day of ‘fat’ eating before the fasting period of Lent.

Lent proper begins on Wednesday the 14th when we’ll be having the traditional Ash Wednesday liturgy at 8.30am, which includes having the cross of ashes imposed upon our foreheads. For those who cannot make the morning, the service will be repeated that evening at 7pm.

Lent Lunches

What is a Lent Lunch? This is a simple meal of soup, bread or crackers, cheese and possibly some fruit – nothing elaborate. Why hold a Lent Lunch? To empathise in a very small way with those who have little to eat and to get together with friends and/or acquaintances you do not know very well yet. Lent lunches will be held on Wednesdays at 12h30 at the following venues:

Wednesday 21 February            Elim Pentecostal Church, Waterside Centre
Wednesday 28 February            St Oswald’s Church Centre
Wednesday 7 March                 All Saints Catholic Church, Bellevue Road
Wednesday 14 March               Ashbourne Methodist Church, Church Street
Wednesday 21 March               Elim Pentecostal Church, Waterside Centre.


Lent Courses 2018

a Lent course based on the film

This year we shall be using the acclaimed film “The King’s Speech” to reflect upon how fear holds us back from being the people God wants us to be. Wednesday evenings, 7.30pm – 9 pm, St Oswald’s Church Centre. Beginning Wednesday 21 February (7 March in the Methodist Hall – same time).


Lent Courses will also run at Edmund Urquhart’s Housegroup on Thursday mornings.  Edmund says “We can and should be delighted to welcome as many more as we can squeeze in, starting the day after Ash Wednesday at 10.15 at 1 Hambleton Close, Ashbourne DE6 1NG. Newcomers will, I'm delighted to say, already find that the group is ecumenical.”

Easter in Ashbourne

The 11th of March is Mothering Sunday, and we’ll again be holding the traditional service (at 10.30am) at which the children distribute posies of flowers.

Palm Sunday (25th March) is a special Sunday which begins with a short procession from the Church Hall into the church, the children (and a few of the adults!) waving flags and palm leaves. We then enter into Holy Week.

On the Monday of Holy week, the 26th, we begin to recall those dreadful and wonderful events of two thousand years ago. As usual the church will be open all day, and there will be a short service of Compline (the monastic twilight service) at 7pm. The same will happen on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday, known as Maundy Thursday, will begin with the joyful celebration of the last supper at Derby cathedral, and then that afternoon various members of all the Ashbourne Churches will offer to clean shoes for shoppers in the market square, in remembrance of Jesus' act of washing feet 2000 years ago. We will then be holding our own Passover service in the evening at 6pm when the children will retell the events of the first Passover.  This is followed by a solemn Communion at 7pm service after which the church is completely stripped of symbol and ornament, leaving it empty and bereft, as befits Good Friday. There follows a prayer vigil - 'watch and pray' in the which the church will remain open until midnight.

On Good Friday itself there’ll be an outdoor service in town when we tell again the story of Jesus’s betrayal and death. In the afternoon from 2-5pm there will be a series of interactive art installations (or ‘stations’) set up in church to help us enter more deeply into the story. This is designed to allow people to pop in an out, and is especially focussed on children and young families. That evening there will be a musical event to again help us in our meditations.

On Holy Saturday, the day Jesus was in the tomb, the church remains quiet and still.

Easter morning sees life and joy bursting out, beginning with a sunrise Communion service (6.30am), then the traditional Easter Communion service (8am) followed by the parish Easter celebration (10.30am) - with an Easter Egg hunt! -  and then, to finish the day, an Easter Evensong at 6.30m.

A word of encouragement: if we simply attend Sunday services - 'jumping' from the triumphal entry into Jerusalem of Palm Sunday to the joyful resurrection of Easter morn - we miss so much of the richness of the Easter season. If you can, please enter into the fullness of Holy Week at St Oswald's this year.

The Presentation of Christ in the Temple / Candlemas

In bygone centuries, Christians said their last farewells to the Christmas season on Candlemas, 2 February. This is exactly 40 days after Christmas Day itself.

In New Testament times 40 days old was an important age for a baby boy: it was when they made their first 'public appearance'. Mary, like all good Jewish mothers, went to the Temple with Jesus, her first male child - to "present him to the Lord". At the same time, she, as a new mother, was 'purified'. Thus, we have the Festival of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple.

So where does the Candlemas bit come in? Jesus is described in the New Testament as the Light of the World, and early Christians developed the tradition of lighting many candles in celebration of this day. The Church also fell into the custom of blessing the year's supply of candles for the church on this day - hence the name, Candlemas.

The story of how Candlemas began can be found in Luke 2:22-40. Simeon's great declaration of faith and recognition of who Jesus was is of course found in the Nunc Dimittis, which is embedded in the Office of Evening Prayer in the West. But in medieval times, the Nunc Dimittis was mostly used just on this day, during the distribution of candles before the Eucharist. Only gradually did it win a place in the daily prayer life of the Church.


A different Retreat in every house

Did you know that there are more than 250 centres in the United Kingdom where one can spend time in retreat? As the word implies (it comes from a Latin verb meaning to draw back), going into retreat provides an opportunity to get away from the daily round, either as an individual or in a group, for reflection, prayer and meditation.


Doing this can work wonders for your spiritual life, but how do you choose when and where to go? The annual guide issued by the Retreat Association is now out* and gives details of the year's programmes from most of the centres in the country, with a map showing where they are. Each "house" has a different programme and character and some have particular areas of interest. Even within the same specialist area there is variety and it is important that you find the right retreat for you. The association's guide helps by identifying which centres offer which types of retreat. There are, for example, retreats for beginners; quiet days and drop-in days; individually guided retreats (where you have a 'guide' or 'director' for the duration of the event); courses and workshops; retreats for various ages (older or younger people) and others with a special theme. Some will appeal to those interested in psychology and its relation to spirituality.


Themed retreats can involve, for example, painting, creative writing, nature study or dance. Circle dancing is popular. Some houses are small (six rooms or fewer) and some are quite large. The guide is really a yearbook, with articles about individual's experiences and even book reviews.


All the houses listed are Christian and welcome people of any denomination. If you simply don't know where to begin, the staff at the Retreat Association may be able to advise you. You can ring them on 0845 456 1429 (local rate) or write to them at the address below.


*The book costs £5 from The Retreat Association, Central Hall, 256 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UJ

Email : info@retreats.org.uk. Internet : www.retreats.org.uk

Epiphany Verse

Almighty God, Redeemer...

Sunshine and storm,

mist and greyness

Eddy round our inner lives.

But as we trace the pattern,

looking back,

We know that both darkness and light

have been of thine ordaining,

For our own soul’s health.

Thy constant care in all,

and everywhere,

Is manifest.


Excerpt from ‘The Glory in the Grey’ By George MacLeod, founder of the Iona Community



Stewardship is Spiritual

Our attitude to giving shapes who we are as a community of faith.  Just as God generously gave himself to us through Christ, we are called to generously give of ourselves to continue this mission that Jesus proclaimed in his life.  Stewardship is a spiritual practice.  The church receives absolutely no financial support from the government or the Diocese, so we rely on your generosity to ensure that St Oswald’s has a bright future.

A Parish Giving Scheme was approved by the PCC and a Stewardship Campaign is planned for the end of February 2018 over two Sundays.  The first would be Sunday 18 February on the Theology of Giving and the second on Sunday 25 February with details of how the scheme will work.


Marriage Preparation Course

For couples only!

You may know that we celebrated a lot of weddings last year (nearly 30) and we have a lot of weddings booked for 2018: over 35 so far! Couples get married in our church for many reasons – some love the holy atmosphere and the 1000 years of prayer that permeate the very stones of the building, others simply enjoy being part of the church ‘family’, while some want to be part of a tradition of being married in Ashbourne. Whatever their reason, the couples make serious vows in church and we want to do our best for them, and so this year we are offering a day’s course to prepare them for their day. We aim to make it a happy, informative, and interesting half-day and so we’ll be incorporating the choir, our organist, the bell ringers and local organisations so that the couple can make the most of their day. The Wedding Preparation day is Saturday 17th February (the Saturday closest to Valentine’s Day).

However, we’re looking for help! On the day we’re looking for people to manage the activities and perhaps help with the food (we’re not sure if we’ll ‘buy in’ or self-cater). We also need people who, on Sunday mornings, alongside our 'wedding verger' Val, will keep an eye out for wedding couples and ‘be friend’ them – make them feel welcome, give them advice and help, and take an interest in them and their plans. Are you able to encourage young couples in their marriage? Perhaps you could speak positively about your wedding day and marriage, to encourage the couples? If so, you could be the person we need!

If you can help in either role, please see Duncan, Maggie, Nigel, Mike or Val Humphries (our weddings co-ordinator).



Church Events in the Benefice of Ashbourne



19 November 2017       St Oswald’s         Isaac Gartside
26 November 2017       St Oswald’s         Lillie Waring
3 December 2017          St Oswald’s         April Robinson
27 December 2017       St Oswald’s         Hugo Taft
31 December 2017       St Mary’s             Ewan Higton



23 December 2017         St Oswald’s          Edward Brown and Nicola Parkin



7 November 2017           St Oswald’s          Harry Wilson, 94 years
9 November 2017           St Oswald’s          Caroline Margaret Elkerton, 82 yrs
17 November 2017         St John’s              Ethel Annie Cope, 88 years
17 November 2017         Holy Trinity          Janet Bayliss, 83 years
23 November 2017         St Oswald’s          Eric Mitchell, 90 years
24 November 2017         St Oswald’s          John Hallam, 77 years
12 December 2017         St Oswald’s          Noreen Desborough, 90 years
20 December 2017         St Oswald’s          Michael Baldy, 82 years
21 December 2017         Holy Trinity          Trevor Waring, 82 years
27 December 2017         St Mary’s              Alan Fagg, 66 years




February 2018

Church & Community Events




1            Edward Bear – Jesus is baptised

2            Ashbourne & District U3A meeting at Elim Church 2.30 pm

4            St Oswald’s Holy Communion 8 am/ Parish Communion 10:30 am Evensong 6:30 pm

              Indoor Car Boot Sale – Town Hall

              Sanctuary flowers – Mrs Sue Miller

              Birdwatching for Beginners walk at Carsington Water – free walk lasting 2 hours/wheelchair friendly.  Ph 01629 540696

5            Ashbourne Field Club meeting, St John’s Church Hall 7:30 pm

7            Mothers’ Union communion celebration – Church Centre 2.30 pm

8            Edward Bear – Jesus chooses his Disciples

11          St Oswald’s Holy Communion 8am / Parish Communion 10:30 am

              Choral Evensong 6:30 pm

12          PCC Meeting Mappleton – 4pm at Wayside Cottage

13          Shrove Tuesday / Shrovetide

14          Ash Wednesday / first day Lent –

              St Oswald’s Liturgy at 8h30 & 7 pm


              St Valentine’s Day

15          Edward Bear – Preparation for Easter – Pancakes

              Mothers’ Union evening meeting

17          Wedding Preparation Day – St Oswald’s

              St Oswald’s Celtic Prayer 5pm

18          St Oswald’s Holy Communion 8am, Parish Communion 10h30

              Evenson 6h30 pm

22          Edward Bear – Water into Wine – The first miracle of Jesus

24          Chinese Auction, Mary Clowes Village Hall 7 pm viewing for 8 pm

25          St Oswald’s Holy Communion 8am

              Breakfast Church God, a bacon butty & a fresh coffee 9h – 9h40

              Parish Holy Communion 10:30 / Evensong 6.30 pm



St Oswald’s Church, Ashbourne


Sanctuary Flowers - no flowers during the period of Lent.


Ashbourne Branch


On the 7th February members of another Union will join us to celebrate communion in the Church Centre at 2.30 pm.

In January we had the pleasure of welcoming four new members when we enjoyed a Chinese Supper together.

In 2018 we will continue to meet together for prayer and worship, fellowship and refreshment on the first Tuesday of the month at 2.30 pm in the Church Centre and the third Thursday of the month at 7.30 at various venues. If you would like to join us or find out more about Mothers’ Union please contact Nancy Bell, Branch Leader, on 01335 347915.


All God's Creation Is Very Good!
St Oswald's Church
Friday 2nd March @ 11 a.m.

The interdenominational movement of the Women's World Day of Prayer invites everyone to attend one of over 5,000 services being held on Friday 2nd March with the title "All God's Creation is Very Good!" We will join with an estimated 3 million people around the world that day in a service which has been written this year by the women of Suriname in South America.


Starting in Samoa as the sun rises, the service will have been translated into more than 95 languages and 1,000 dialects as we are reminded that we have responsibilities in caring for this wonderful world we live in. With its vast rainforest and wealth of resources, Suriname asks us to pray for conservation and the protection of wildlife, through awareness of pollution, misuse and abuse, as well as for the situation in Suriname and concerns for the future.

This is not simply a day of prayer for women, but for everyone who cares about our world and those who live in it. So join us at St Oswald's at 11a.m. on Friday 2nd March. Tea and coffee will be available after the service.



For Church Refreshments Rota

Get to know your fellow parishioners!

We desperately need some new members for the coffee rota for the 10.30 morning service, as several of our present team have had to withdraw.  

Would you be willing to prepare the coffee and tea and serve it after service? Help can be arranged with tables and chairs. It is hoped with sufficient volunteers that you will only need to serve coffee once every two months.

If you would like to know more or are able to offer help please speak to Gill Elliott.  Telephone 01335 343059 e-mail: gillianelliott@live.co.uk

Breakfast Church @ St Oswald’s

Breakfast Church is held on the 4th Sunday of every month from 9:00 – 9:40 am. Child-friendly worship, community friendship, conversation and support not forgetting delicious food, fresh coffee, songs and prayers!


Breakfast Church in February will be on Sunday February 25th – we look forward to welcoming you and your family.




Making Memories ….. Giving Hope

Daleside retreat in Fenny Bentley, Ashbourne opened in November 2015.  Each week from February – December, sixteen children come to stay at one of our three retreats (Moorland in Devon, Coastal in Cornwall and Daleside in Fenny Bentley).  The children we help come from a variety of backgrounds. They might be living in poverty, be young carers, be victims of bullying or abuse, or have been bereaved. The one thing they all have in common is that they could really benefit from a week away from their circumstances. Each break is divided into school key stage ages.  The children are accompanied by four fully-trained members of the CHICKS team and up to six adult volunteers.


There are loads of different ways you can get involved with CHICKS and help us to provide our much-needed breaks.  You could volunteer, fundraise or join us at an event.  The team at Fenny Bentley are looking for community volunteers – people that would help with events on behalf of CHICKS, from cake stalls to sky diving, to raise awareness and funds for them.


If you would like to help and support this very worthwhile charity please get in touch with the team at Daleside, Fenny Bentley.  You’ll be able to take part in lots of exciting activities while making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children. Telephone: 01335 350525 or e-mail Karen@chicks.org.uk or Matthew@chicks.org.uk. Do check out the website: www.chicks.org.uk

Christmas Snaps

Preparing for the Lantern Parade


Saturday January 6th 2018

For the last couple of years, we have moved our end of December walk to the first Saturday in January, and celebrated the New Year with a late lunch after a slightly shorter walk. This year we began at the Newton House Hotel near Alsop Station on the Buxton Road. Our numbers were rather depleted because of various illnesses, so just 9 of us (plus our keenest and fittest members, Zac and Fly) set off up the Tissington Trail towards Biggin by Hartington. The wind was icy, we had a fleeting shower of sleet and hail, but the scenery was beautifully clear and the going good - at least until we left the trail!

Crossing the fields to Greenhead Farm near Biggin was no problem but the descent from Dalehead into Biggin Dale involved a spot of what Gill called “bog – snorkelling”! Biggin Dale itself started well, but the normally “dry” limestone valley soon morphed into a muddy, stony stream. However, it was possible to avoid the running water for most of the time, and the dale was completely sheltered from the wind – even very pleasant for our late coffee stop near the junction with the Dove. Turning left at the end of Biggin Dale we enjoyed a level stroll along the Dove to Lode Mill Bridge, from where we decided to make our ascent back up to the trail. For a little way we followed a confined rocky path alongside Green Lane and then climbed steeply up towards Shining Tor, finally crossing the fields to reach Alsop Station and complete the final quarter of a mile back to Newton House where the rest of our lunch companions joined us. After a quick change and brush up we all enjoyed a delicious lunch thanks to Sally, James’ sister, and her colleagues. Total distance: 8 miles; total ascent: 780 feet.

Jackie Burns


at St Oswald’s Church


Edward Bear goes to the Panto

I write inspired by all the mums, carers, and all the volunteers in our wonderful team, and of course the very young, all of who come along to Edward Bear every week; they simply fill my heart with joy – our engagement together, more than ever, perhaps is a shared journey; a growing journey slowly perhaps, but one nevertheless into the world of Jesus. We currently have 183 families on the books, and we average 55-60 parents and children every week. There are ten in the Edward Bear team. We offer no strings fun and relaxation time, bacon rolls, tea and coffee, and a healthy snack. Through our friendship we come together in mutual friendship, worship, bible stories, musical instruments, an ever-changing selection of toys, and in prayer to share our worries. Birthdays always celebrated, and parents, grandparents actively join in by making collages/drawings for story-time.


There was a special need for creativity this Christmas, as the St Oswald’s Flower Arrangers asked us to work with them to decorate two of the church windowsills with the Cinderella story, as the theme for the whole church was pantomime.


And we had a special visitor for the Christmas party – Santa is becoming a regular visitor and none of the children went home without a present being lowered down from the balcony!



By the time of the crib service on 24th December, the church has taken on a whole new atmosphere – sacred, yes, but wow, full of craft, art, flowers stories of pantomime, and such an anticipation of the coming of Christ.


Just like other years, from about half an hour before the service at 4.30ish, all kinds of people start to flow in – yes, traditional wise-men, shepherds, princesses – but also dragons and dinosaurs, and it’s not only the children who want to dress up – I talked to a gentleman in his early eighties about how he wanted to come as a wise man. And there were some real babies too, arriving together with parents, grandparents and devoted carers. The church filled with 145 children and 280 adults. The Edward Bear team dressed children in nativity clothes, although lots of children had already come dressed ready to perform. Seven of the parents and a grandparent did readings, moving the service wonderfully through its storytelling. As the children were led through the aisle of the church by the ‘star’ that guided them, they gathered under the bells: a church full of little-ones, sharing in the fun and happiness of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, a story spontaneously made real by all present! What better way to start Christmas…


Peter Walker, one of the Edward Bear team

We have a dedicated team of volunteers at Edward Bear who relentlessly come and offer their talents on a Thursday morning. We offer bacon rolls, toast and coffee as well as a snack for the children.  If you have some free time and feel that you would like to join us, please contact us – details on the back of the magazine. Also, if you know of a family that might like to come along and meet us, they are most welcome to call any Thursday morning 9.30 – 11.30 am.

St Mary’s Church, Mappleton

Flower rota - T.B.A.


PCC meeting to be held on Monday 12th February 2018 at Wayside Cottage at 4 p.m.  Please let me know if you are unable to attend.


Readings for February 2018 -Feb 4th Colossians 1: 15-20; John 1;1-14

Feb 11th - 2 Corinthians 4; 3-6; Mark 2; 2-9

Feb 18th - Genesis 9;8-17. Mark 1 9-15

Feb 25th - Genesis 17 1;7;15-16; March 8;31-38


List of Services - Feb 2018 - Mappleton and Clifton - shared between the two Churches.  Further details will be available in due course.


Fashion show/sale - March 8th - At St. Oswald's Church Centre.  Tickets will be available; please contact Mrs Kent – 01335 345942.



St John’s Church, Ashbourne

Services: 4 Feb HC, 11 Feb Matins, 18 Feb HC & 25 Feb Matins all at 9.15 am

  • The welcome: my first time at St John’s I was quietly noticed and welcomed. No fanfare, no fuss - people just shifted up to make space and I felt wanted.
  • The service: we use the Book of Common Prayer.  It’s not to everyone’s taste - but the beauty and complexity of the language helps me to engage more deeply.
  • Open to new ways: where else would you have a guitar and choruses mixed with a service dating back to 1662 and a splash of Victorian hymns?  Who knows what’s next?
  • The stars on the ceiling: I love the more intimate space of St John’s.  We can sit in a semi-circle in front of the altar for services and see the faces of those we worship with (pews are available for those who want!)
  • Gratitude: I notice that almost every time a priest or lay reader takes a service, someone from the congregation will thank them at the end of the service.  And Philip carved wooden mice for Jules and I when we became Churchwardens.  I was so touched!
  • Independent spirit: it’s unusual history as a church peculiar means that is within the Church of England, but not subject to all the same constraints.  Best of both worlds perhaps?  We are supported and yet also free.
  • I am known: we are a small community and we know each other by name.  My privacy is respected (this is the Church of England after all!)  but there is a huge comfort in being known as an individual.
  • Tolerance: we’re a bundle of individuals.  I feel St John’s is a place where no one person is expected to do the same, look the same or think the same as the person sat next to them. I like that.
  • Imperfect: we all get things wrong but I’m not scared of making a mistake at St John’s.  People will let you know (if it’s important to them) but it’s not a place where people criticise or smolder in silence.
  • Monica: everyone in our small congregation contributes in their own way but Monica - what a woman!  If ever there was a model for gracious, loving and faithful service then she is it!


Sarah Denny, Churchwarden

St Mary and St Barlok, Norbury and Roston

Mary Clowes (Norbury) Village Hall

Chinese Auction Sat 24th February 7pm viewing for 8pm Auction

Items for auction wanted.  Have you got too much "stuff" at home, Having an early spring clean?  Then bring your unwanted items to our Chinese Auction and help make some money to keep your local Village Hall going.


All items considered from furniture, paintings, mirrors, toys, garden machinery and garden items, tools, books, to small sundry items such as cakes, plants and food items. The evening starts with an hour to view all the items, and place your raffle tickets in the corresponding pot of the item you wish to "win" The more tickets in a pot the greater your chance of winning. At 8pm our Auctioneer will call the winning raffle ticket from each pot.  Great fun for all the family and a fantastic way to grab a bargain.  Raffle and Light Refreshments.


Items for auction - Please drop off items beforehand to Joy 01335 324288 OR Elaine 01889 590318 OR at the Village Hall Friday 23rd 3.30pm – 5pm OR Saturday 24th 10.30am – noon. All proceeds to the Village Hall funds.


Jubilee Group

Carol Walking

Our thanks go to our two “Pied Pipers” Steve Davies and Steve Duckworth who this time managed to get even more people to follow them through the village and down to The Shant (Roston Inn) where mince pies and mulled wine were kindly provided by Sarah. See you next Christmas!

Mary Clowes (Norbury) Village Hall

The new toilets in the hall have now been painted, the cost of
which has been largely met by the Jubilee Group.

Holy Trinity Church, Clifton



A very happy New year was extended to everyone and a warm welcome was given to the January meeting. The business section covered various items of interest including the schedule for Ashbourne show and details of events and outings were announced.  One of which will be a trip to the theatre to see "Sister Act" performed by the Belper Musical Theatre.


Our speaker was unable to attend due to illness so it was decided to play the games which should have been played at the December Christmas meeting, because this meeting had to be curtailed due to a sudden snow storm.  Everyone enjoyed the evening and small prizes were awarded to the winners. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 14th February 2018 at 7 15 pm in the Clifton Smith Hall. The hostesses for February are Pat Glaister and Linda Taylor.


We meet every second Wednesday in the month and our charge is £41 per year.

Anyone interested in joining us can call Tina Harbinson (president) on 01335 343749 or Phyl Kirkman (Secretary) on 01335 343498.

Everyone is always made very welcome!


Monthly Lunch:

The Lent lunches will start in February but hosts and dates are yet to be fixed.


Services during February:

Sunday 4th - 11 00 am Morning Prayer joined by Mappleton

Sunday 11th - 9 15 am Holy Communion at Mappleton

Sunday 18th - 11 00 am Morning Prayer joined by Mappleton.

Sunday 25th - 9 15 am Morning Prayer at Mappleton.



… please put in your diary SONGS OF GOD’S PEOPLE – the biennial Songs of Praise held in the amphitheatre at Carsington Water – at 3.00pm on Sunday 17th June 2018.  The combined churches of Ashbourne and Wirksworth, who organise these events, hope that you will join us for an uplifting afternoon of song, dance, inspiration and prayer.  Perhaps you might also offer to help in a small way on the day.  


Please contact Mike Warner for more information.



St. Oswald’s Walking Group

Saturday, 25th November 2017

The first snowfall of winter necessitated a last-minute change of plan for this month’s walk. Instead of heading for Hartington we stayed closer to home, eleven of us (plus Zac and Fly) setting off from the church car park. It was cold but dry - at least until the last mile or so. Our goal was Ilam for lunch.

After going through the tunnel on the Tissington Trail we climbed over Callow Top, down to Mappleton Church and then up the Derbyshire bank of the Dove. Conditions underfoot were somewhat muddy, and got worse and worse as we slithered along! Fortunately, we all managed to stay upright. Our coffee stop was at Coldwall Bridge, where the old turnpike road from Cheadle to Thorpe crosses the Dove. From here we continued north along the Staffordshire bank to Ilam. We enjoyed a very comfortable lunch in the grounds of the National Trust’s Ilam Hall, once the home of the Watts Russell family, now a Youth Hostel.

Our route back to Ashbourne began through the mudbath that was the footpath behind the Isaac Walton Hotel, to reach the car park at the entrance to Dovedale – surprisingly very busy. The famous stepping stones at the foot of Lindale were just about passable, and there were a lot of people scrambling up and down Thorpe Cloud despite the extremely slippery wet limestone. We headed up Lindale, behind the former Peveril of the Peak Hotel, to join Gag Lane and then the Tissington Trail, which took us swiftly back to the end.
Total distance: 10.6 miles; total ascent: 965 feet.    Jackie Burns.


Choral Music at St Oswald’s

You are very welcome to join us at choir practice on Fridays at 7.00p.m. to see who we are and what we do. If your child enjoys music and is aged seven or more, then please consider the many benefits that being a chorister at St. Oswald’s brings. If in doubt do ask for more information. Contact details can be found on the back page of the magazine.


Sunday 4th February

8.00     Holy Communion        

10.30   Parish Communion       Panis Angelicus/Franck

6.30     Evensong                     Fairest Lord Jesus/How

                                                Hymn to the Cherubim/Lvovsky


Sunday 11th February

8.00     Holy Communion                    

10.30   Parish Communion       Gaelic Blessing/Rutter

6.30     Choral Evensong         Stanford in Bb

                                                Smith responses

                                                O gladsome Light/Bourgois

                                                Zadok the Priest/Handel


Ash Wednesday 14th February

7.00     Holy Communion and Imposition of Ashes

                        Turn thy face/Attwood


Saturday 17th February

5.00     Celtic Prayer


Sunday 18th February 

8.00     Holy Communion

10.30   Parish Communion       View me Lord/Lloyd

6.30     Evensong                      Lead me Lord/Wesley                                                                           To Thee O Lord/Rachmaninoff       


Sunday 25th February

8.00     Holy Communion

9.00     Breakfast Church

10.30   Parish Communion         Lord for thy tender mercies’ sake/Tye

6.30     Evensong                     Come my way/Cooper

                                                Greater Love/Ireland



Thank you

Michael Halls,
Director of Music

 Ashbourne Animal Welfare

Be My Valentine Open Day

Sunday 11 February 2018 11 am – 4 pm

The Ark, Wyaston Road, Ashbourne DE6 1NB
Visit the cattery and kennels and let one of our cats or dogs steal your heart!

Homemade lunches and teas – gifts, books etc.

Free Admission

Please telephone 01335 300494 for more information.



From the Editor


I do hope that you like the new look of the Parish Magazine this month.  Rather than have the same cover each month, I thought it would be a good idea to match the magazine month to the church calendar.


The Parish Magazine should aim to provide a regular expression of the Church’s Christian presence and witness to the neighbourhood at the same time as providing a timetable of events – both in the Church and in the town of Ashbourne. Church magazine editors help the people in their church to stay in touch with each other and their church to stay in touch with the community. I would also like to encourage people to send in ideas/articles for the magazine so that there is a sense of belonging.  I look forward to your input and feedback on the changes.


We should also recognize the help of those who take and pay for the magazine on a regular basis and those members of our church community who distribute the magazine and collect the money.  Theirs is precious help.



Remember - a church magazine can bravely go through letterboxes into homes where no minister has gone before!